700 metri quadrati al chiuso e 3 mila metri di parco: la scuola Benedetto XV è simile a un college americano


Benedetto XV International School is a bilingual school for children from 6 months to 6 years old and it represents an ‘unicum’ in the regional context, because it proposes a concept of space similar to the American college campus model. In fact it is a modern structure of 700 m2, covered with 3000 m2 of gardens, allotment and didactic farm.

The institute is open to the needs of parents that work and want to feel assured that their child has an adequate space of training, education and socialisation; it is nursery school (3 months to 3 years) with bilingual education and also a preschool (from 3 to 6 years) with a syllabus taught exclusively English.

The goal of the school is the psychophysiological wellness and growth of the cognitive, relational and social skills of the child that develop in the early years of life, for example brain activities like personal autonomy and the spontaneity of thought.

The expansive indoor and outdoor spaces are all child-friendly and encourage integration and the development of skills; safety and a sense of community.

The main school activities are teaching English, music and theatre courses, physical education and contact with nature.

At Benedetto XV International School the teaching of the English language by mother tongue teachers is to foster the curiosity, aptitude and attitude to use a different language from one’s own. Only in a playful, fun and social context can the child acquire skills in a foreign language to become a future world citizen.

The didactic activities, supported with a didactic board, take place in a fun and relaxed context of songs, dance and didactic discoveries, where the child is exposed to the English language.

Inside the structure there is a 150m2 theatre that can accommodate more than 100 seats and a 80m2 equipped gym.


T. +39 3711520802


Opening hours
Lun/Ven 7:30 18:30
Sabato 9:00 13:00