Symbolic Play

Playing is the most important way for a child to start exploring, interacting and understanding the world that surrounds him. It is through games and playing that children develop social and understanding skills as well as motor skills.

A particular form of playing is known to develop between the ages of 2/3 and 7 years old, it is called symbolic play and it is strongly favoured by our school.

During this phase children learn representative skills which means they become able to represent things, people, objects and situations irrespective of fantasy, imagination and creativity.

Children play by ” pretending” to be adults, copying their ways and expressions and reproducing what they have observed. Children gradually structure their role play making objects ” speak” and giving each participant a different role of function.

Real and proper scenes are prepared although fully aware of the limit between reality and imagination.

Expression like ” Let’s pretend I am…” or ” Lets pretend that…”

It’s through yhe symbolic play that the child’s personality is formed , wishes and fears emerge and can be dealt with.It is also possible to observe emotional distress and learning disabilities, so to intervene if necessary.

One of the main aspects of the symbolic play is the social skills development.It helps move from a solitary and uncoordinated playing to more complex games in wich various roles are given to friends and teachers.

The interpretation and reproduction become scenes of consider symbolic play a real and proper exercise of real dynamics, similar to those among adults, even among children.

Our school considers Symbolyc Play very important for the children and with the help of the teachers it dedicates a considerable amount of space and time to development of the recreational aspect.

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