in adulthood, the aility to fluently speak at least one second language, is considered an advantage in both social and professional environments. In recent years, a large part of young professionals come from bilingual schooling. There are numerous benefits for younger children who are put into a bilingual school, the first and most important aspect of this advantage is the possibility to continuously practice and absorb the language.

During the first decade of the 20th century, it was errounsly believed that a bilingual education had negative effects such as delays in cognitive development, due to the stress on a child’s brain wich to deal with two different linguistic systems. Later studies, however, demonstrated that the previous research had been conducted with the wrong methods and instruments, and, has now demonstrated the usefulness of a bilingual education, even at a young age.

The advantages of a bilingual education stem mainly from the continuous exercise that a polyglot brain undergoes. The results of this continual treuning are a series of heightened abilities that affect not only one’s verbal skills, but the cognitive as well. This results in selective attention abd continuous training of the cognitive processes, as a bilingual person is constantly obligated to choose one of the two linguistic codes.

To be able to handle both languages, a bilingual child ” switches on ” the sole areas of the brain that are necessary to complete specific actions, thus saving energy and resources , and therefore they have they ability to handle their impulsive reactions.

Another ability that is developed with bilingualism is anticipation, not only in the specific linguistic environment, but also in different social contexts.

Training one’s brain to recognise different languages also helps strengthen one’s memory. Infact, those who have learned more than one language at a young age, tend to learn to read early on and tend to have less difficulty coping with everyday tasks.


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