Il bambino impara l'inglese divertendosi con i compagni e senza perdere mai il sorriso


The early years are the most educational in the school life of a child that can, at this age, learn a second language in an easy and pleasant way. In comparison with adults or teens, the child is more reactive and can absorb much more information.

At Benedetto XV International School, the English language is used every day to sustain the global growth of the child in an affective, cognitive and physical way.

The researchers of psycholinguistics support that the child’s brain is in the optimal period to learn a foreign language until the age of 8, because it has a full example of speech, mannerisms, gestures and expressions

Listening, oral comprehension and speaking are the three phases of learning that improve in gradual way. The teacher starts with a limited and repetitive vocabulary everyday, the takes a more pressing rhythm and with more words. Without realising, the child masters the use of the English language.

The Benedetto XV International children’s school takes inspiration from the theories of philosopher, John Dewey and his pedagogic creed. He believed that a school be active and progressive; active, because the child can meet the first difficulties and take strategies on his own to resolve them; progressive, because the internal changes of the child require progressive development. For Dewey the school represents a place in life where the child becomes aware of himself and learns how read the world around him.

Another person of inspiration for the school is Maria Montessori, who identified curiosity as the true engine for learning. For her, the role of teachers is to help the child to realise his gift and help him to develop his personality. The key phrase to summarise Montessori’s educational method is “help me to do it myself”; the silent exhortation that every child asks of his parent.

Le attività didattiche, supportate da una lavagna didattica, si svolgono in un contesto giocoso e sereno fatto di canti, danza, scoperte didattiche in cui il bambino viene esposto alla lingua inglese

All’interno della struttura è presente anche un teatro di 150 metri quadri con una capienza di oltre100 posti e una palestra attrezzata di 80 metri quadri.

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