Extra-curricular activities

Benedetto XV International school offers extra-curricular activities throughout the entire school year which contribute to develop the personality and the proper physical and social growth of the child.

The activities offered by the school, conducted mostly in English, ranging from arts to those propaedeutic music courses that involve psycho-motor use of musical instruments; cooking classes for children; basic yoga classes; dance games, various activities related to artistic production such as painting using seasonal vegetables and natural materials, modeling with salt dough and homemade play-dough, swimming; tennis; ludocircensi courses.

Among the extra-curricular activities of Benedetto XV International School, great importance is given to theater workshop.

Theater Workshop for children: play, training, and freedom of expression

The workshop, takes place in a theater that measures 150 square meters with a capacity of over 100 seats, and represents an opportunity to meet other playmates, interact and to tune in, to communicate, to react, to experiment, to discover oneself free to interact and experience the physical and social environment.


Play, talent, creative freedom and group activities are just a few keywords of the workshop. The objectives go beyond the simple techniques of theatrical performance: cultivate skills and attitudes that are useful in every aspect of life and in all learning areas; being able to create a world through behavior, learning to focus energies and share knowledge, making the most common objects become extraordinary: making the children more aware of themselves. Theater workshop activity, favors moments of spontaneity, freedom and harmony with the world around us.


Through games and exercises that are dedicated to the experimentation of the senses, rhythm and verbal communication, the workshop will stimulate students’ creativity in a natural and pleasant way, allowing them to acquire a better understanding of themselves and a more effective communication skills.

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