Benedetto XV International School is truly an international campus with mother tongue teachers dedicated to the development of little ones, immersed in green with a play park, allotment and educational farm. It is a structure at the forefront technology, with multimedia classrooms, gymnasium and theatre. Music, dance, sport and home grown produce.


At Benedetto XV International School the English language is used on a daily basis to support the global development of our children in an effective, cognitive and physical way. The institute is inspired by the theories of John Dewey about a school that is active and progressive; and the methods of Maria Montessori, regarding the development of the child’s personality.


The staff at Benedetto XV International School in Grottaferrata is composed of teachers with solid experience in teaching and in the pedagogical path, who are entirely trustable and empathetic. Additionally, all the staff members are highly qualified in first aid, including dealing with hazardous incidents, such as a choking.

Allotment and didactic farm

Benedetto XV International School provides its students with an allotment and didactic farm, which allow the children to discover nature first-hand and the rhythm of the growing plants and animals. To personally take care of an allotment provides an opportunity for the development of manual skills.


Benedetto XV International School takes great care of its children’s nutrition with the guidance of an expert nutritionist. The 60 m2 kitchen is the place where fresh raw materials are elaborated from the on-site farmers. All the meals are prepared by expert chefs who have a great deal of experience from their institute; and they made from all natural ingredients, without saturated fats and with a low salt content.

Extracurricular activities

The Benedetto XV International School offers extracurricular activities all year that contribute to developing the personality, social skills and physique of the child. These activities, almost all of which are given in English, range from artistic to psychomotor and include theatre workshops, music, art, cooking, swimming and tennis.


in adulthood, the aility to fluently speak at least one second language, is considered an advantage in both social and professional environments.

outdoor play
and Pet therapy

The teaching method of Benedetto XV international school of Grottaferrata pays great attention to two specific educational choices: outdoor play and Pet therapy

Symbolic Game

Playing is the most important way for a child to start exploring, interacting and understanding the world that surrounds him. It is through games and playing that children develop social and understanding skills as well as motor skills.

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